About Me

Since year 2001 I have been dancing  Bharata Natyam – one of the classical Indian dance styles.

My life has been connected with dance since early childhood. From age of 3 till 18 I was dancing Latvian folk dance. When I started studies in the University of Latvia  (Riga), the choice of other-exotic dance styles arouse. I decided to try Indian dance.  When I attended my first lesson, I had no idea how this dance style looks, as I had never seen the performance of it. My only notion came from old Bollywood movies.  But Bharata Natyam (BN) appeared to be different in a great extent from a movie.

It was a great  discovery for me, my body that dance can be performed by hitting feet on the ground in a half-squatting (aramandi) position. I was surprised and also intrigued. The same things which seemed so strange for my body and mind in the first try, were the same things which kept my interest.  The base position-aramandi, which is simetrical, moves the center of gravity closer to ground; that creates the feeling of stability. The hitting of feet allows the dancer to be the  part of music or rhythm (tala), as well it is the release and also receiving of energy. When arms are stretched on the sides of the body (natyarambe position), it stretches the spine and mind up giving lightness to the whole position. Aramandi together with natyarambe give the sense of stability, vigour and freedom or lightness, creating the wonderful harmony.

I offer:

  • Performances for special occasions, birthday parties, weddings, private or enterprise celebrations
  • Workshops, lectures with or without demonstrations


Liga Saukante

Freiburg, Germany


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