Celebrating Love

30. März Samstag 20 Uhr in Bewegungsraum am Augustiner (Salzstrasse.33), Eintritt: 10 EURO
Even now,
The sound of bangles
Strikes my mind sharply:
When black bees , wild in their desire
For perfume from her lotus mouth,
Swarmed to kiss her cheeks,
Her fingers shook them from her hair.
/Bilhana 12th century “Chaurapanchashika”/
Shringara (Love) – human or divine, it has been the most celebrated and praised emotion in Indian Arts. In this evening through dance and stories, poetry we will explore the variety  and different moods of love and enjoy the beauty of this magical language.
Eine Abend mit Tanz und Erzählen (english und deutsch) über die wichtigste Rasa (Emotion) in Indischer Kunst.
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